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Project Summary: Growing Leaders in a Changing World

A compelling one-day series of candid conversations on leadership with some of the world's top public, corporate, media and academic leaders and authors hosted by the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.
  • Celebrate the lifelong leadership of Warren Bennis, one of the founders of leadership studies

  • Leverage CPL relationships to convene a compelling Leadership event

  • Leverage a strong partnership between the Center for Public Leadership and U.S.News & World Report

  • Designed a casual dialogue format for a day long series of conversations focused on the works or Warren Bennis

  • Created a conversations exchange between top leaders and rising leaders to discuss current trends in leadership development; issues of style, substance and impact; as well as the role of experience, emotion, and preparation in leading a changing world.

  • Convened an unprecedented exchange among some of the nationís top leaders and authors and rising leaders

  • Partners were thrilled

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