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Project Summary: The Godspeed Sail

A six city sail with a replica of one of the original ships that brought the settlers to Jamestown, VA in 1607 - the first permanent English settlement in America
  • Shine a spotlight on America's 400th Anniversary, the founding of Jamestown, VA in 1607 and inspire the public to participate

  • Showcase the important role of Jamestown, VA in history, the legacies that began there; exploration, democracy, cultural diversity and free enterprise and the three cultures that intersected there: the English, Indians, Africans - all sparking the building of the America we know today

  • Launched the 18-month schedule of commemoration events with the newly built replica of one of the original English explorer ships, the Godspeed

  • Produced the Godspeed Sail, an 80 day tour of six eastern seaboard cities that contributed to the building of America - Alexandria, VA; Baltimore, MD; Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY; Boston, MA; Newport, RI

  • Created a 40,000 square foot highly engaging "land-based" traveling festival using the legacies of Jamestown as the themes

  • Designed original exhibits to tell the story and showcase the three cultures and their contributions

  • Developed an original live character production for children and a contemporary musical and dance performance group with original songs to reach audiences of all ages with commemoration messages

  • Provided participation opportunities to Virginia communities to showcase Virginia today

  • Created a 60' x 30' American Flag with hands from members of each port community

  • Engaged the host city leadership and local and regional cultural groups in the commemoration

  • Over 460,000 people participated

  • Partnerships and exposure for six east coast ports

  • Media impact in the millions

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