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Project Summary: Jamestown Live!

A one-hour educational webcast highlighting the first permanent English settlement in America at Jamestown, VA in 1607

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  • Build awareness among students worldwide in grades 4-8 about the important historic legacies of Jamestown, VA; exploration, cultural diversity, democracy, free enterprise and the three cultures that intersected there; the English, Indians and Africans

  • Drive educators and home-schooled students to a specially developed website,, for Jamestown lesson plans and tools from approved educational partners

  • Created a fun & entertaining way to reach students within a news-style format, including student reporters interviewing experts and an original musical performance group singing lyrics tied to the themes of Jamestown

  • Engaged students with emailed questions and live surveys

  • Supported webcast pre-event and post with classroom materials and a partner website created by the leadership of the commemoration

  • Worked with national education partners to outreach to social studies and other educators to drive participation in the webcast and to the website

  • Over 1 million students participated in classrooms, auditoriums and at home in Jamestown Live! representing every state and 12 countries

  • Approximately 10,000 students participated in the online survey

  • The webcast aired on the History Channel

  • The webcast won an AEGIS award for video production and was a finalist in the Cable in the Classroom Leaders In Learning awards

  • 2007 W3 Awards - Silver Winner for Film & Video - Events and Live Broadcasts: Given by the International Academy of the Visual Arts, the W3 Awards honors creative excellence on the web.

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